The SurgeryPlus Difference for Members

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The SurgeryPlus Difference for Members

Have you ever held your breath when checking out at the doctor’s office? Thoughts of “how much will this cost” and “what is my insurance going to cover” run through many people’s minds when they go in for an appointment. Sometimes, when the doctor suggests a surgery or planned procedure, patients worry if they will have to choose between a Spring Break vacation or surgery.

SurgeryPlus believes that people shouldn’t have to choose between high quality healthcare and enjoying the better things in life. Surgical procedures are a fact of life and high-quality affordable care should be available to everyone.

How We Do It:

It all starts with a plan, a vision, and creating the standards to get you there. SurgeryPlus’ mission is Members First in all we do. We created our benefit to give members peace of mind from their quality of care to what they will pay for their surgery.

Your Member Journey:

So, your doctor is recommending surgery or gulp, a colonoscopy. Your first call should be to SurgeryPlus to verify your benefit coverage. Most planned surgeries are covered and better, your employer covers your SurgeryPlus benefit as part of your medical benefits.

When you call SurgeryPlus, you are connected to a Care Advocate who becomes your surgery personal assistant. Need help finding the best surgeon? Your Care Advocate gives you a list to choose the best suited surgeon for you needs. Next, your Care Advocate will go over your benefit and what is covered. We don’t want you to feel surprised at any point of your journey. No breath holding here! Instead, you get a clear idea of what you may need to pay.

As you prepare for surgery, your Care Advocate helps you organize your information and keeps in touch to make sure everything is going smoothly. After your procedure, you receive follow up support as you recover and get back to living your life.

“SurgeryPlus made everything easy. They checked on me after appointments and gave me a pre-paid debit card to handle my hotel and meals. I really felt supported by your team,” recalls Jimmy Parker, when recounting his SurgeryPlus experience.

A Provider Who Cares:

Better surgeons mean better outcomes. Your successful surgery and recovery are important to us which is why our surgeons go through a detailed screening process. Our screening process is more detailed than many healthcare companies, and it shows through our patients’ success rates and the low occurrence of complications. No one wants to go through surgery, but to go through it, twice?  SurgeryPlus providers take time to understand their patient’s unique case and provide the high-quality care that comes with successful outcomes.

“A surgeon who talked to me like a neighbor or best friend” is how Jimmy Parker recalls his surgery experience. This type of empathetic and engaged care is the SurgeryPlus standard not the exception, and it is an expectation we have of all our providers. Healthcare is a human experience, and we want our members to feel like a person not a number during their journey.

Affordable without Sacrificing Quality

Surgery shouldn’t mean choosing between getting care or saving for a new home. SurgeryPlus strives to make best-in-class healthcare accessible to everyone so that people can live healthier lives without sacrificing on the other things they want most. It isn’t magic-it’s just strategy. Just like we partner with our members to ensure a successful and stress-free surgery journey, we build partnerships and find the best of the best surgeons and facilities to make that journey affordable for all. We create cost effective programs for our clients, your employer, that allows them to pass cost saving benefits on to you. These benefits mean that your surgery costs including anesthesia could be covered at or near 100%. Additionally, if the best surgeon for your needs happens to be a little farther away, we cover those travel costs, when necessary, too, including meals and hotel. We know that taking time off work for surgery can be overwhelming enough, so we are here to help with the details and cost savings.
To better understand what your surgery may cost you if anything, call 855.200.2099 or email to learn more about how SurgeryPlus is making a difference in healthcare, and how we can help you take the next step to better health.

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